FullSizeRender-7Translucent Chocolates offers gorgeously-colored, chocolate- and toffee-enrobed nuts, dried fruits and sunflower seeds packaged in transparent display boxes that create “candy art.” Perfect as anytime gifts, favors for parties or corporate events, the color combinations can be customized in Pantone shades for holiday and other themes. The result is a beautiful gift, somewhat anchored in nutrition. For a Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, or other fall event, it’s the perfect party favor. 

One does not have look for the end of the rainbow to find theB75117D2-6B69-498F-9F62-205E1BFA2713 pot of gold. Discover Translucent Chocolates and you have all the colors of rainbow plus the [chocolate] gold. Offering high-quality versions of Jordan almonds, chocolate-covered sunflower seeds and a variety of nuts, toffees and fruits, the result is a dazzling display of mixtures for gifts, the candy dish, to decorate desserts or simply to enjoy as a delightful self-indulgence.

The dried fruits, nuts and sunflower seeds are enrobed in either a toffee coating, milk, white or dark chocolate, or both toffee and chocolate (your choice). Each is sealed with a vibrant-colored candy shell, creating edible jewels. Nothing is too sweet: everything is perfect for a sophisticated, adult palate (although you won’t be able to keep the kids from polishing off everything they can get their hands on).