We Make Something For Everyone

  • Association Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Class & Family Reunions
  • Summer Party Galas
  • Golf Tournament & Sports Related Gifting
  • Event or Services Branding For Swag Bags
  • Chocolate and Wine Pairing
  • and more...

Our Vision

The concept of Translucent Chocolates is a continual exploration in simplicity, focusing on both the interior and exterior expression of brand strength, packaging, and product presentation. I was once told, "Don't start a company to educate people on a new product but rather find a way for people to see something conventional in a new light." My intent in starting this company was to find a way to artistically express color through distinctive chocolate.

Today, we have an enormous amount of freedom, opportunity and choice. I chose to place the greatest importance upon an individual's creativity and focus my attention on their personalized service. With a core aesthetic that engages modern design, I am continually searching for ways that express color without restrictions.

Nuts, seeds and fruits that can be uniquely color coated and then presented in an uninhibited package become a vessel to let anyone wanting to experiment in. And who doesn't like chocolate? Translucent Chocolates is about choices and expressing those choices through color and amazing chocolate. So go ahead, indulge. Put together the essential ingredients that evoke your imagination and make you happy.